Lead Forensics – Part Two

We recently began offering Lead Forensics website visitor tracking. To remind you, they will tell you about those* visiting your website – Business Name, Location, Phone Number and Web URL along with some other metrics.

But they do NOT tell you the name, title and contact information for your visitors. But they DO have a separate database of contacts at various companies around the USA. You can access this database and see, for free, the first names, second initials and job titles of those they know at these companies. And for $.75 or less per contact you can then get the last names and e-mail address for whomever you choose.

You do not know that this/these contact/s visited your site. But you do know they are in target positions at the company that was visiting your site and market accordingly.

For more information or a free demo on your site metrics just drop us an e-mail.

*To the extent they can match up their IP address. They don’t get them all.

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