Print is Dead Part Two

(Time flies!) Two years ago we sent Print is Dead Part One. Then we got this e-mail from Scott Hullinger, a long time client of ours. Here it is word for word-

“TSA team, Security Today reps, and Mier Team:

A large OEM contacted us and asked us for quotes on the enclosures they are using, as well as for help designing something new to take the place of all the units they are using. It’s stuff right up our alley, that we can easily produce here at our factory in Kokomo. Craig, of our sales team, asked them how they heard about us. Their purchasing manager said, “Our CEO pulled your full-page ad out of Security Today and put it on my desk.”


While there is no argument print has been and remains challenged, don’t play “Taps” just yet! In the last issue of Esquire magazine outdoor power equipment king STIHL® had EIGHT color pages in a row. Don’t tell STIHL print is dead. And don’t tell Scott Hullinger that either!


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