Who We Are

A full service advertising agency dedicated to business-to-business marketing communications.

You don’t have to look on the shore of Lake Michigan to find effective business advertising. We are on the shores of three Great Lakes — Pike, Center and Winona. And it’s Buffalo Street, not Michigan Avenue.

It was unusual for an advertising agency to locate in a small town in 1948 when W.H. “Bill” Kreicker left Chicago to start Tri-State Advertising Company, Inc. in Warsaw, Indiana. He realized that you don’t have to be in a big city to create good advertising.

We specialize in business-to-business marketing communications. We do it because we know it well, do it well and mostly because we like helping other businesses grow and profit. We can do it because we’re experts, know a lot of ways to get the most out of a dollar and work hard at it. If you market to business, why not choose an agency that does nothing else?

We serve our clients with a complete range of marketing communications services. Digital communications. Advertising. Public relations. Sales promotion. Marketing counsel. Our growth and development have given us years of sound experience. We have worked for hundreds of companies, large and small, in scores of markets, with all kinds of marketing problems. We use the knowledge developed in these situations to solve your unique problems.

Ideas plus understanding. Our clients get more for every marketing dollar because we combine creative ideas with solid business understanding. Not only the know-how, but the know-why. The ultimate benefit is, of course, performance. Our primary objective is to provide efficient marketing communications solutions that will help you reduce selling costs and increase your profits. 

If you’d like to learn more about effective business-to-business marketing communications give us a call or visit our website –

Tri-State Advertising Company, Inc.
Phone: 574-267-5178 • www.tri-stateadv.com

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